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Who are we?

Boooters origins are within the web development space. Founded in 2019 by Reece Chetty, a then freelancer based in Cape Town, South Africa - we have evolved since our infancy into a collaborative entity servicing international clients as well as South African startups.

With an engineering and software development background, Reece created boooter with the intention of forming the first truly Integrated Tech Incubator. 

We aim to assist startups by strategically planning, developing and maintaining their tech solutions. This includes everything from business branding, design, website development, optimisation and continued technical support.

Modular Loaders

Strategy Consultant
Jack Chennells
Copy Writer
Morné Visser
Callum Stout
Video content specialist
Liam Stout

Why are we?

We understand that building a successful business is an ongoing process, and a single once-off tech solution may sometimes feel like a limitation.

Our integrated view on business allows for Boooter to become a part of your in-house team - for all your digital design and related development needs.

We aim to empower our clients by creating sustainable solutions through a holistic developmental approach that will bring your business image in-line with international competitors.

How to Boooter.

At Boooter, we find that it is important to keep certain postulates in mind in order to ensure a consistent, quality service.

Collaboration is Key

Encourage Creativity

Embrace Technology

Invest in the Future


Keen to be a Loader?

By virtue of operating within a rapidly evolving space, we are always looking for assets to expand our boooting system.

Think of Boooter as a network providing efficient access to various nodes of expertise - each of these nodes are an individual Loader.

Whether you consider yourself an SEO expert or JAMStack master, your experience can be seen as a modular component to our boootloader that would ultimately allow for Boooter (and by extension, you) to take on and execute larger projects.

Our vision of a modular working culture allows for you to create and expand your own technical or creative niche, while simultaneously growing your own professional network through direct partnerships.
Woodstock, Cape Town
South Africa
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